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#001 Bulbasaur
フシギダネ Fushigidane 
Art by Ken Sugimori from Pokémon LeafGreen and Pokémon FireRed.
Grass Poison
Seed Pokémon
Regional Pokédex numbers
Regional Browser numbers
R-014 N-004
0.7 m
15.2 lbs.
6.9 kg
Dex color
Catch rate
45 (5.9%)
Body style


Gender ratio
87.5% male, 12.5% female
Monster and
Grass groups
21 cycles
(5355 minimum steps)
EV yield

Base Exp.: 64 Battle Exp.: 641*

Bulbasaur (Japanese: フシギダネ Fushigidane) is a dual-type grass-type, and poison-type Pokémon. It is one of the three starter Pokémon of the Kanto-region alongside with Charmander, and Squirtle on the Pokémon Red and Green Version, Pokémon Red and Blue Version, and Pokémon LeafGreen and FireRed. Bulbasaur evolves from level 16 into a Ivysaur and from Ivysaur to a Venusaur at level 36.



Bulbasaur has the appearance of a little reptilian that can have the appearance of a young dinosaur or a toad. He has a more dark-green appearance with few triangular darker green colored dots around their bodies. They have red eyes with white pupil. Bulbasaur has white toes or claws around each four leg on their body and have small teeth in his mouth. A popular treat of Bulbasaur are their bulb, that is on the back. They can use several techniques from their bulb such as Leech Seed, Solar Beam and Vine Whip. Once Bulbasaur evolves, his onion like bulb starts to grow. On his final evolution the bulb have been matured and have the appearance of a larger flower bud which it makes it impossible for a Venusaur to stand on his hind legs as that he could do when he was a Bulbasaur.

Appearance difference in genders[edit]

There are no gender differences between a male Bulbasaur and a female Bulbasaur.


Bulbasaur's are known as domesticated Pokémon, they are raised by breeders to become a start Pokémon at the Kanto-region. Bulbasaur's are also known as the most well-behaved Pokémon due to their care and raising from the breeders. Bulbasaur's are also the Pokémon that is able to defeat the first two Gym Leaders at the Kanto-region, knowing that they are using rock-type, and water-type Pokémon.

Bulbasaur's have a extremely big loyalty towards their friends and trainer, as seen in the episode Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village, the Bulbasaur, Ash and his friends met is extremely loyal towards the Pokémon that are under care of Melanie and also was extremely loyal to her before he got caught by Ash. In the episode The Mystery Menace the mayor of Trovitopolis dumped his Bulbasaur in the sewers years ago which years later caused uproar around the city. Ash and his gang discovered the cause being the mayor's Bulbasaur. The same Bulbasaur the mayor dumped in the sewers was still happy to see him after all the years and evenly that he was threaten cruelly. The reason for the Bulbasaur why he has been dumped in the sewers was because he didn't evolved into a Ivysaur like the mayor wanted.

There is a hidden garden as appeared in the episode Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden were a large group of Bulbasaurs are gathering in a hidden garden around every year and evolves into a Ivysaur.

Special abilities[edit]

Bulbasaur has a large variety of grass moves such as: Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Petal Dance, Leaf Storm, Bullet Seed, Power Whip, Sweet Scent and many more other moves he knows. The powers of Bulbasaur mostly comes from it's back which Vine Whip and Power Whip comes from the sides of his bulb. Other moves which remains flashy such as Solar Beam and Leech Seed are coming from the tip of Bulbasaur's bulb. Bulbasaur's bulb can also absorb the sunlight, which it can use the move Synthesis to heal himself or launch a powerful Solar Beam.


Main article: Pokémon food

Bulbasaur appears to be a omnivore like most of the Pokémon. Bulbasaur doesn't each much because his energy gets restored from the sun which the energy can be stored on the bulb on his back.

Appearance in media[edit]

Bulbasaur made different appearances in different kind of media's of the Pokémon series and evenly in spin-off series of the Pokémon series or series released by Nintendo or a vague appearance.

Video games[edit]

Bulbasaur appears in the first generation series of Pokémon video games that has been released in the late 90's. Bulbasaur's final evolution form was the mascot of the very first Pokémon video game series that has only been released in Japan.

Pokémon Red and Green[edit]

Bulbasaur can be picked as a starter Pokémon from Professor Oak's Lab in Pallet Town after he caught the player trying to walk through a grass field. The player can give Bulbasaur a nickname if the player wants to. The player's rival will pick up a Pokémon that is the opposite than Bulbasaur and battles the player through their journey.

Pokémon Red and Blue[edit]

Same story comes from Pokémon Red and Green. Bulbasaur can be picked by the player from Professor Oak's Lab in Pallet Town after that the player got caught by Professor Oak while the player was trying to reach Viridian City. Professor Oak will bring the player to his lab which allows him to pick one of the three Pokémon. The player can nickname Bulbasaur. While the player makes a move on his journey, his rival then starting to challenge him into a Pokémon battle.

Pokémon Yellow[edit]

The player can obtain a Bulbasaur from a girl that is a nurse in a house that lays next to a Pokémon Center in Cerulean City. She cured Bulbasaur wounds which she only needs a good trainer that is able to take care for Bulbasaur. The lady then asks the player if he will take further care of the Bulbasaur.

Pokémon LeafGreen and FireRed[edit]

The same story goes from the first generation Pokémon main video games (except for Pokémon Yellow). The player have to walk towards Viridian City but got stopped by Professor Oak because the player have no any Pokémon with him. Professor Oak then brings the player to his lab which he gives the player a free choice in picking one of the three Pokémon which are: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. If the player pick one of the three Pokémon, he cannot capture one of the other two Pokémon that are left, which that the player's rival took also one of the starter Pokémon. After picking one of the three Pokémon, Professor Oak suggested, the player's rival will then ask him for a Pokémon challenge to test out his new Pokémon's strength against the player. After that the player have defeated his/her rival or visa versa, the two then will battle each other a lot often during their journey.

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver[edit]

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, after that the player collected all the 16 Gym Badges and defeated the most powerful trainer of the entire Pokémon series Red, the player can pick up one of the three Pokémon from Professor Oak's lab containing to be the Kanto starter Pokémon.


Bulbasaur also makes his appearance in the Pokémon Ranger series, as seen that Bulbasaur can also be a playable character in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team video games. Bulbasaur also appears as a playable character in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness video game series also as the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky video game.


Bulbasaur made several appearances in the anime series of Pokémon. Known is that Ash is the first character of the Pokémon series appears to have captured a wild Bulbasaur. Other Bulbasaur's also make their debut throughout the series or also evenly appears in flashbacks of the main characters or by their previous owner's.

Ash's Bulbasaur[edit]

Ash's Bulbasaur.
Main article: Ash's Bulbasaur

Ash obtained a Bulbasaur in the episode Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village as one of the Pokémon from the Hidden Village. Bulbasaur first appeared when Misty have seen a wild Oddish and was trying to capture it, but got stopped by Bulbasaur. After that Ash and Misty have been taken to the Hidden Village through Brock, Brock explains them why there are so many traps. The Pokémon at the Hidden Village are Pokémon who are ill or abandoned or hurt, which they are under Melanie's care until they get better. The traps were set for trainers who are trying to capture Pokémon, but the Pokémon around there are too weak or too ill to escape. After that Misty tries to apologize herself to Oddish, she gets attacked by Bulbasaur. Ash protects Bulbasaur after Team Rocket's appearance, and after Team Rocket got defeated by Ash and his gang, Melanie asks Ash to take him because the village is too small for him to grow. Ash agrees on that and challenges Bulbasaur which he later captures him after Pikachu have defeated him. Bulbasaur have been transferred to Professor Oak's lab in the episode Bulbasaur... the Ambassador! to serve as a ambassador of Pokémon who are fighting through arguments at Professor Oak's lab.

May's Bulbasaur[edit]

May's Bulbasaur.
Main article: May's Bulbasaur

Many time later, Ash was travelling in the Hoenn-region, his companion May have captured her own Bulbasaur in the episode Grass Hysteria! were May was separated from the group after that a wild Skarmory came which May's Skitty suddenly gets out of it's Poké Ball which May got taken by the Skarmory. The Skarmory drops May on the top of a mountain which she sees a Bulbasaur on the edge of the cliff trying to take flowers by using Vine Whip. After that Bulbasaur was suddenly loosing his foot, May saved him from preventing to fall down from the cliff. Bulbasaur was cautious at first after seeing a human, which May was trying to get close to him but got attacked by several other grass-type Pokémon. After being saved by Ash, the Pokémon are still chasing down May which they later stopped after a Vanusaur told them to. The Venusaur then takes Ash and May to a beautiful spring were May sees the same Bulbasaur again that she saved earlier. That Bulbasaur gave May flowers which they play with each other. After that the village have been rescued from Team Rocket, Ash and May finally reached the gate out of the Forbidden Forest which May bids a tearful farewell to Bulbasaur. At the last moment, Bulbasaur decided to leave the village and want to travel with May on her journey and said goodbye to his friends. Ash and his group welcomed Bulbasaur for joining the team. In the episode Pruning a Passel of Pals! it is known that May's Bulbasaur have been evolved into a Venusaur during her travels in the Johto-region.


Several other Bulbasaur made a appearance through the series, such as the Bulbasaur's from a mysterious garden in the Kanto-region that evolved suddenly into a Ivysaur which that is happening once per year. Later, there was also a Bulbasaur that was previously owned by the Mayor of Trovitopolis in the episode The Mystery Menace which he dumped him in the sewers because he didn't evolved into a Ivysaur. A different Bulbasaur starter Pokémon have been appeared. The son of the mayor of Pallet Town: Gilbert chooses for a Bulbasaur after he was trying to find them after being scared off by Ash's Tauros.


Bulbasaur's doesn't only appear in the anime, but also in the manga. There are in total four manga's that Bulbasaur have appeared in, mostly being a Pokémon of a trainer.

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga[edit]

Main article: Ash's Bulbasaur

The Bulbasaur of Ash appears in the manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu, which he first appeared in the eight chapter of the manga series. How Bulbasaur have been captured is not shown.

In the Magical Pokémon Journey manga[edit]

Main article: Bulbasaur (MPJ)

Bulbasaur also appears in the Magical Pokémon Journey manga, were Pistachio's Bulbasaur has a crush on him and will become extremely jealous when she sees him talking to other female's.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga[edit]

Saur about to evolve into a Ivysaur.
Main article: Saur

Bulbasaur also appears in the Pokémon Adventures manga series. Red receives a Bulbasaur from Professor Oak helping him to capture all the Pokémon that accidentally have been set free. Bulbasaur have been evolved into a Ivysaur and then later into a Venusaur during their travels.

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga[edit]

Bulbasaur appears at the very first chapter of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga, as one of Professor Oak's starter Pokémon.


Bulbasaur appears in various Pokémon specials of the Pokémon series. He appeared a lot in the Pokémon Pikachu shorts, the short movies that appears right before the original movie is about to start. As being one of Ash's Pokémon, he made various of appearances through those specials.

Trading Card Game[edit]

Main article: Bulbasaur (TCG)

There are a total of 19 trading cards of the Pokémon Trading Card series that contains Bulbasaur.

Other Appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl[edit]

Known is that Bulbasaur appears as one of the random trophies in the game.

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