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Ash and co. looking at the statues of Dialga and Palkia.

Legendary Pokémon (Japanese: 伝説のポケモン Densetsu no Pokémon) are a group of extremely are and very powerful Pokémon. There are two terms known, those two terms are: Illusion Pokémon (Japanese: 幻のポケモン Maboroshi no Pokemon, literally meaning; "Phantom Pokémon") and Mythical Pokémon (Japanese: 神話のポケモン Shinwa no Pokemon). Most legendary Pokémon are unique in each and every region in the Pokémon world, they are also beloved by criminal organizations such as Team Rocket or Team Plasma, due that legendary Pokémon has the power to make their dream come reality. They also believe that with the power that the legendary Pokémon have they can conquer the entire world. In the video game, the player can gain in a max of four legendary Pokémon that is exclusive of their respective video games. It cannot be that they have more than six unless they are using a cheating device or obtained those Pokémon through a event.

Legendary Pokémon are extremely hard to capture if they are being trowed with a regular Poké Ball and it's upgraded versions. A Master Ball doesn't count because it can capture every Pokémon in the video game, also a cheating device doesn't count either because the code can make the player capture those Pokémon easily. Legendary Pokémon are beloved by archaeologists because they are the key to figure out how the Pokémon world exist, for example, the Pokémon Champion Cynthia is interested in the history of Dialga and Palkia and want to know were Pokémon are coming from, as so does Pokémon Professors, they does their research to discover new mysteries from the Legendary Pokémon.

Generation I[edit]

Winged Mirages[edit]

Main article: Winged Mirages
The Winged Mirages.

The Winged Mirages (Japanese: 蜃気楼の翼 Shinkirō no Tsubasa, literally meaning; "Wings of Mirage") also known as the "Legendary Birds" (Japanese: 伝説の鳥 Densetsu no Tori) contains to be the three legendary bird Pokémon. Zapdos a electric/flying-type Pokémon, Articuno a ice/flying-type Pokémon and, Moltres a fire/flying-type Pokémon. They are the three legendary Pokémon which origin comes from the Kanto region and the three represents three out of the four main seasons. They can be founded in the video games, which Zapdos can be captured at the Power Plant, Articuno can be captured at the Seafoam Islands and Moltres can be founded on three different area's, in Generation I he can be found at the Victory Road in the Kanto region, Mt. Ember in Generation III at the Sevii Islands archipelago and Mt. Silver in Generation IV. They cannot be found in Generation II, they are roaming around the Sinnoh region in Generation IV after defeating the Pokémon League in Pokémon Platinum Version.

The Winged Mirages also made their appearances in the anime. The three appears for the first time in whole in the second Pokémon move: The Power of One. There they are playing their role as guardians which they rule the island around Shamouti Island. Articuno appears in Freeze Frame, Numero Uno Articuno, and The Symbol Life, Zapdos appears in As Clear As Crystal, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, and Doc Brock!, and Moltres appears in All Fired Up! and The Search for the Legend.

Mew Duo[edit]

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The DNA Duo.

The Mew Duo (Japanese: ミュウデュオ Myū Duo) also known as DNA Duo (Japanese: DNAのデュオ DNA no Duo) are the two legendary psychic-type Pokémon; Mewtwo and Mew. Mewtwo is the clone of Mew, while Mew is a mythical Pokémon that does appears extremely rarely, even so the events containing Mew also appears rarely. Mewtwo and Mew have been mentioned in secrecy in a old mansion at Cinnebar Island that was set by Team Rocket. Mew was given birth to Mewtwo after that the researchers acquired Mew's DNA.

In the video game series, Mewtwo can be obtainable in the Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold and SoulSilver Version at the Cerulean Cave, the place were Mewtwo went after that he destroyed the Pokémon mansion. Besides only able to get captured at the Cerulean Cave, Mewtwo is also a beloved trend as a event Pokémon. Mew is the most rarest of the two which Mew only can be obtained through a official Nintendo event. Mew is very popular to obtain through a cheating device. Mew only can be captured in the wild through a event in Pokémon Emerald Version at Faraway Island.

Mewtwo and Mew both appears in the anime, as making their first debut in the first Pokémon movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. Mewtwo already made a appearance in the original series of the anime but, Mewtwo has been armored by Giovanni. Mewtwo also appears in the first Pokémon special: Mewtwo Returns. Mew appears extremely rarely in the anime, he appears in the first Pokémon movie and in the eight Pokémon movie: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. A mirage Mew also made a appearance in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon.

Generation II[edit]

Legendary Beasts[edit]

Main article: Legendary Beasts
The three legendary beasts.

The Legendary Beasts (Japanese: 伝説の獣 Densetsu no Kemono) contains the trio of legendary Pokémon from the Johto-region. These Pokémon are known to be Raikou, Suicune and Entei. Raikou is a electric-type Pokémon, Suicune is a water-type Pokémon and Entei is a fire-type Pokémon. They have a sinister past, it is known that the three died due lightning that struck the Brass Tower and were burned to the ground. Ho-Oh revives the three Pokémon and the three are roaming around the Jhoto-region and Kanto-region.

In the video game, the three are roaming around the Jhoto-region after that they are discovered by the player in the Brass Tower. Only in Pokémon Crystal Version, Suicune is the only of the three Pokémon that doesn't roam around the Jhoto-region, but remain to wait for the player after disbanding Team Rocket from the Radio Tower which the player obtains a Clear Bell from the director which Suicune waits at the Tin Tower. Suicune also wait for the trainer at Route 25 after defeating the Pokémon League. The trio also appears in Pokémon Colosseum which they are captured by Cipher and were been turned into a Shadow Pokémon. The trio also appears in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen after defeating the Pokémon League, but there will only be one of them that roams around the Kanto-region which depends on the Starter Pokémon the player has picked from the start of his/her journey.

The three Pokémon also appears in different anime episodes and anime movies. So does Entei has a center role in the third Pokémon movie: Spell of the Unown and Suicune in the movie: Celebi: Voice of the Forest. Raikou only appeared in the Pokémon special: The Legend of Thunder. The three fully appeared in the movie: Zoroark: Master of Illusions were the three legendary Pokémon appeared to be a Shiny Pokémon a illusion created by Zoroark.

Tower Duo[edit]

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Ho-Oh and Lugia, Tower Duo.

The Tower Duo (Japanese: タワーデュオ Tawā Duo) also known as Tower Guardian (Japanese: タワーガーディアン Tawā Gādian) containing the two legendary Pokémon, Ho-Oh and Lugia. Ho-Oh is a fire/flying dual-type Pokémon and Lugia a psychic/flying dual-type Pokémon and also the first two legendary Pokémon that were mascots on a main Pokémon game. Ho-Oh and Lugia both are considered to be the legendary Pokémon at the Jhoto-region, Ho-Oh is known as the "Guardian of the Skies (Japanese: 空の後見人 Sora no Kōken'nin)" and Lugia is known to be the "Guardian of the Seas (Japanese: 海の後見人 Umi no Kōken'nin)". Ho-Oh was the first legendary Pokémon that has appeared in the Pokémon series.

Ho-Oh and Lugia both shares a sinister past. It is known that there were two towers in Ecruteak City, the Bell Tower and the Brass Tower. Ho-Oh resides in the Bell Tower while Lugia resides in the Brass Tower. Several years later the Brass Tower was caught in a great fire which forces Lugia to leave the tower and fled to the Whirl Island. The sudden flames around the Brass Tower also forces Ho-Oh to leave the Bell Tower in hop to search for a trainer with a pure heart. It is known that Lugia have created the three legendary birds: Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno which they are roaming around in the Kanto-region and Ho-Oh created the three legendary beats: Entei, Raikou and Suicune which they are roaming around in the Jhoto-region. Ho-Oh and Lugia both can be captured in their own version video games but there is a difference. In Pokémon Gold Version, Ho-Oh can be captured earlier than Lugia which in Pokémon Silver Version, Lugia can be captured earlier than Ho-Oh. After that the player disbanded Team Rocket at the Radio Tower, the player will receive a Rainbow Wing (Pokémon Gold/Pokémon HeartGold) or a Silver Wing (Pokémon Silver/Pokémon SoulSilver). The player can obtain one of the two items again later in the video game series. The player have to talk to a man in Pewter City after defeating the Pokémon League. The player will obtain a Rainbow Wing (Pokémon Silver/Pokémon SoulSilver) or a Silver Wing (Pokémon Gold/Pokémon HeartGold). Ho-Oh appears at the Bell Tower and Lugia lays under the depths of the Whirl Island. Furthermore, Lugia also plays a very big role in the video game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness as a Shadow Pokémon. Ho-Oh also made a debut in the Pokémon Colosseum video games which he only appears after that the player purifies all the Shadow Pokémon.

Ho-Oh appeared in the very first episode: Pokémon - I Choose You!, and Lugia appeared in a three-part episode The Mystery is History, A Parent Trapped! and A Promise is a Promise. Lugia also appears in the movie The Power of One.


Celebi on the Ilex Forest Shrine.

Celebi (Japanese: セレビィ Serebii) also being dubbed by the fans as New Mew (Japanese: 新しいミュウ Atarashī Myū), although Celebi and Mew does not have any kind of relationship with each other. Celebi is a mythical Pokémon that mainly resides in the Ilex Forest which he sometimes appears from the shrine. Celebi is more a event Pokémon than that he can be captured during a fated encounter like most of the other legendary Pokémon. Celebi can only be obtained through a official Nintendo Event and can unlock further events which contains Celebi in the plot. Celebi was called during the release of the Generation II video games as the most rarest Pokémon, because the official Nintendo Event of Celebi was only exclusively for the Pokémon Crystal Version in Japan.

Celebi was also been released as a official Nintendo Events which also reveals the past of Silver and his father Giovanni which Celebi explains to the trainer through this event the beginning of Silver's cold personality and his hatred against Team Rocket. It also allows the player to challenge Giovanni afterwards. If Celebi has been send to Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the player must bring him to the Game Freak company in Castelia City which the player can obtain a Zorua through the Celebi. It is known that Celebi was originally the Pokémon inside the mysterious GS Ball during the anime series of Pokémon. Celebi also appears in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, but it is unobtainable. Celebi also appears in the anime series in the episode "The Green Guardian" and also made a movie debut in the film: "Celebi: Voice of the Forest". Celebi also plays a important role in the Pokémon movie: Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Generation III[edit]

Legendary Golems[edit]

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Eon Duo[edit]

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Weather Trio[edit]

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Generation IV[edit]

Lake Guardians[edit]

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Creation Trio[edit]

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Lunar Duo[edit]

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Sea Guardians[edit]

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Generation V[edit]

Tao Trio[edit]

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Swords of Justice[edit]

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Kami Trio[edit]

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Generation VI[edit]


There are two confirmed legendary Pokémon in the upcoming Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Version video game series. They are considered to be called as: Gene Duo (Japanese: ジーンデュオ Jīn Duo) due to the XY-chromosome. The two revealed legendary Pokémon are: Xerneas and Yveltal two legendary Pokémon which type has yet to be revealed. They are also the main mascot of the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video game series. Xerneas represents the letter "X" and Yveltal represents the letter "Y". The reason why the two Pokémon have been considered the Gene Duo is due to the reason that they represent the letters of the two gender chromosomes, X and Y. It can also be inferred that Xerneas is female, as females have the XX chromosome set; and that Yveltal is male, as males have the XY chromosome set.