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Pokémon Champions from Generation I until V.

Pokémon League Champion (Japanese: リーグ優勝者 Rīgu Yūshō-sha, Literally meaning, "League Winners") or simply known as Champion or Pokémon Champion (Japanese: チャンピオン Chanpion) but rarely as League Champ (Japanese: ポケモン リーグの ちょうてん Pokemon Rīgu no Chōten, Literally meaning, "Pokémon League's Greatest") is a group of the most strongest trainers around their respective regions. Pokémon Champions are known to have the most highest position and most recognition. In the Pokémon video game series, the player have to defeat the eight Gym Leaders to gain permission to participate at the Pokémon League. At the Pokémon League the player challenges the four strongest Pokémon Trainers naming their self the Elite Four. After defeating the Elite Four the player gain access to challenge the League Champion, after defeating the Champion, the player is crowned as the Pokémon League Champion.


A Pokémon Champion is mostly a trainer who have completed the Pokémon League by defeating the Elite Four and the Pokémon Champion. To enter the Pokémon League the player must gain every eight Gym Badges that can be collected in their representative region. The victors of the Pokémon League can also refuse their titles as being called Pokémon Champion. One of the characters N became Pokémon Champion of the Pokémon League by defeating Alder but have refused the title.

Video games[edit]

The Champion's room of Iris.

The trainer class Champion has been introduced since Generation I. The title Champion is exclusively for the trainers who have defeated the Elite Four and their main Champion. The Champion is known as the most strongest trainer in the Pokémon video games, known that they are always stronger than the Elite Four and evenly every Pokémon trainer evenly the player's nemesis in the video game. A Pokémon Champion also helps the player out with some problems or are giving them gifts in case that they might need it (mostly those are items that you need). To become the Pokémon Champion of a region, the player has to defeat the eight Gym Leaders in his/her main region and to collect at least eight gym badges to participate. The player cannot enter fully the Pokémon League after collecting eight badges but have to enter the Victory Road known as the road to challenge the Pokémon League, around that area there are very tough trainers, mostly the Victory Road is seen as a challenging road for the player to get through the trainers and so entering the Pokémon League which it can also be compared as that of in the anime. When challenging the Elite Four, the player cannot leave the Pokémon League until defeating the Champion which he/she cannot grant access to go to a Pokémon Center, or to a Poké Mart. The player must be prepared to stock items before he/she is challenging the Elite Four.

For the player, the title Champion can be seen for them as a symbolic honor, which the player is unable to receive challenges from other challengers who are wishing to challenge the Pokémon League and always seeing the previous Champion that has been defeated by the player again as the current Champion.

Cynthia told the player in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White Version that once in every few years, the Champions from all the regions come together and battle each other to find the strongest among them. In Pokémon Black and Pokémon White Version 2 the player can challenge all the previous Champions that participate in the Champions Tournament.

Region Champions[edit]

The Champions in the video game are mostly trainers with a mixed team or a team that focuses on only one type. Each region has different Champions that has brute strength and great strategy. The Champions has mostly a bigger room than the Elite Four. The known Champions are:

Indigo League Hoenn League Sinnoh League Unova League
Gen I and Gen III Gen II and Gen IV Storyline Ruby and Sapphire Emerald Black and White Black and White 2
Blue BW2.PNG Lance BW2.PNG Red BW2.PNG Steven BW2.PNG Wallace BW2.PNG Cynthia BW2.PNG Alder BW2.PNG Iris BW2.PNG
Blue Lance Red Steven Wallace Cynthia Alder Iris

Hall of Fame[edit]

Main article: Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is mostly known to record the player's data and the Pokémon that participated in the Pokémon League. After defeating the Champion, the player and the Champion are both heading to the Hall of Fame room, mostly in doing so, it always gets interrupted by different known characters which wanted to give the player tips or wanting to have a interview with him/her. Once entering the Hall of Fame, the Champion restores the Pokémon that the player owns and records the data and Pokémon of the player.

Anime series[edit]

There is a huge difference between the anime and video game series. The main difference is that in the video game, after achieving in collecting the eight badges from different Gym Leaders in a specific region can let the player enter the Pokémon League. In the anime, after obtaining all the eight gym badges in a specific region, the trainers must accomplish a Pokémon Tournament, the trainer who became Champion of the tournament has the opportunity to challenge the Elite Four and their Champion. A member of the Elite evenly can challenge the Champion as seen whenever they want. It is known by Lucian that a trainer who becomes the winner of the Sinnoh League can challenge the Elite Four and the Champion. However, during the Orange Island adventures, Ash challenged the Orange League directly instead of participating into a tournament.

Name Hometown League
Lance Blackthorn City Indigo League
Jon Dickson Sento Cherry Town Silver Conference
Tyson Mauville City Ever Grande Conference
Tobias Lily of the Valley Conference
Virgil Vertress Conference
Captain Orange League
Drake Pummelo Island Orange League
Ash Ketchum Pallet Town Orange League
Cynthia Celestic Town Sinnoh League
Wallace Sootopolis City Hoenn League
Alder Floccesy Town Unova League

Manga series[edit]

There is also a difference between the video game, anime and manga series. Known in the Pokémon Adventures manga, there is a tournament held every three years in each region. In the Ruby & Sapphire chapter, it is known that the winners of each tournament have to face the Elite Four before challenging their Champion. After defeating the Champion, the current Champions are honored by the previous Champion about their status.

Name League
Professor Oak First Tri-Annual Indigo League
Red Ninth Tri-Annual Indigo League
Steven Stone Hoenn League
Wallace Hoenn League
Cynthia Sinnoh League
Alder Unova League


  • It can be compared that the Victory Road is already a tournament as same in the anime before challenging the Pokémon League.
  • The player always meets the Champion before he/she challenges the Pokémon League.
  • The Champion always serves as a helping hand to the player, as known to tag team with him/her in order to defeat a organization of criminals or giving them useful items or information.
  • Pokémon Champions can found in other regions instead of their own respective region.
  • Lance is so far the only Champion that was formerly a former Elite Four Member.
  • It is known that Alder was asked by the Elite Four to take the position of a Pokémon Champion instead of challenging the Pokémon League to give him the title.
  • Red can be considered as a Pokémon Champion due that he defeated the previous Champion which was his main rival Blue, but it can be that he saw it only as a honorable mention instead of a title itself.
  • Iris became Champion of the Unova Region two years later, after that the player defeated Team Plasma in N's castle.