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Pokémonpedia is a MediaWiki based website that is been hosted by ShoutWiki since December 2012. Pokémonpedia has the goal to become one of the greatest wiki-based websites from around the internet in order to be more informational for the Pokémon fans all around the globe. Pokémonpedia is also one of the many Pokémon Wiki's that are more based on the actual facts of the Pokémon series instead of the fan based theories some of the Pokémon Wiki's have.


Pokémonpedia layout.

Pokémonpedia has been created on December 27, 2012 by IceKid as a creation of the new Pokémon wiki-based website. Since that there are Pokémon wiki's created under different hosts, ShoutWiki was one of the many that editors from Wikia though to move. IceKid created Pokémonpedia but was quickly abandoned. IceKid has crowned KidProdigy to be the new leader of the wiki in hope that it will progress much further in the glory that the wiki should been.


Pokémonpedia is a protemonteau of Pokémon and Encyclopedia a some sort slang used for encyclopaedia.


Pokémonpedia have only one goal in mind and that is to become one of the biggest Pokémon source of all time alongside with many successful Pokémon websites such as Bulbapedia and Serebii.